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Professional and Personable Dog Grooming Spa in Standish, Maine

We're a relaxing dog spa where each groomer works on one dog at a time, straight through with no kennel drying.

Standish: Welcome

Standish Staff

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Caitlyn Brundage

Owner/Pet Stylist

DSC_6761 (2).jpg

Briana Ring

Pet Stylist

DSC_6734 (2).jpg

Darci Lentz

Pet Stylist


Anna Devoe

Senior Stylist

Standish: Team Members


What services do you offer?

We are a full service grooming salon and offer everything from nail appointments to full haircuts. Every bath and groom comes with a premium shampoo and conditioner, CO2 Spa Treatment, blueberry facial, nail grinding, ear cleaning, and tooth brushing. Breeds that shed will receive a shed-less treatment. We also offer various spa packages as add-ons to your bath or groom. Our popular Madra Mor mud baths are a great way to promote a healthy skin and coat by replenishing moisture and promoting healing.

How long will an appointment take?

Our services are tailored to your specific dog, so this answer may vary. In general we are able to complete most small dogs in an hour and a half, less time if they do not get a haircut. We do have some large hairy breeds that we ask for around 3 hours to complete, especially if a haircut is involved. When you book an appointment online you will receive a confirmation email that has an estimated time. Pick-up is always expected when your pet is finished as we do not have kennels or space to hold a pet for an extended period of time.

Standish: FAQ

Are you looking for more information?

Please fill out the following and someone will contact you within 48 hour. You can also reach us by phone at 572-4084 (Standish) or 655-6226 (Raymond).

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Hours & Location

111 Ossipee Trail E, Standish

By Appointment Only
Monday-Saturday 8:30-5:00

Standish: Opening Hours
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