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Professional and Personable Dog Grooming Spa

We're a relaxing dog spa where each groomer works on one dog at a time, straight through with no kennel drying.

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What We Offer


One-On-One Appointments

Each groomer grooms one dog at a time to give your dog the attention necessary to make this a great experience. Our salon is low volume compared to others and is generally more relaxing. Nervous and elderly pets do really well with us!

No Kennel Drying

Since we groom dogs straight through, we absolutely do not kennel dry, heated or otherwise. We use a top-of-the-line dryer with settings available to safely dry any pet.

Full Service Grooming

Our pet stylists have over 25 years combined experience in professional dog grooming. We are knowledgeable in most breed and pet clips and safe grooming techinques.

Complimentary Spa, Always

Every bath or groom comes with a premium shampoo and conditioner, CO2 Spa Treatment, blueberry facial, nail grinding, ear cleaning, and tooth brushing.

Loyalty Program

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Credit, Cash, Check Accepted

For your convenience we accept all major credit cards (online and in person) along with cash and checks. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will only be accepting exact change as cash payments.

Because we work by appointment only on one dog per groomer at a time, we do require 24 hours cancellation or reschedule notice.

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