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Pricing FAQ

What will the cost to groom my dog be?

This isn’t a simple answer, but we can give you an idea as to what you can expect. Here are some starting prices for our hourly fees:

Under 75lbs $65/hr

Under 75lbs Shed-less Spa $70/hr

Over 75lbs $70/hr

Over 75lbs Shed-less Spa $75-80/hr

Giant Breeds $90/hr

Minimums will apply to all breeds (these will be available on our booking site by September 4th).

This range can be narrowed down on our online booking site starting 9/4/23. Each breed will have an estimated hourly price and estimated average time for completion to give you a better idea. Generally, most dogs will be within that timeframe give or take 15 minutes unless there is extreme matting or behavioral issues.

What extra fees can I expect?

On top of the grooming fee, we do charge to remove matting or if a dog needs us to use special handling skills to complete the groom. These are our fees currently:

De-Matting: $1/min

Pelted Shave-Down $95-120/hr (hourly fee is instead of the hourly fee for a dog in good shape)

Special Handling $8-16/hr

We also offer voluntary add-ons to enhance your pup's experience!

Prebiotic Wash & Rinse $20

Paw Balm $6

Why is the cost to groom my dog sometimes higher than other times?

Since each groomer works straight through on one dog at a time, we have decided to move to more of a time-based pricing system. There are many factors that could go into this question, such as the length of time between grooming, the dog’s behavior this time vs last time (dogs have bad days too), the length of your dog’s haircut changes (longer hair lengths typically take longer to groom), etc. If you were on a good 6 week schedule and you’ve decided to change to 9 weeks, this might mean the haircut could take longer.

Do you offer discounts?

We currently offer military and public safety discounts, which takes $5 off the total price of a full service bath or groom. We also have a loyalty program if you sign up in store and use our register to add your grooming purchase to your account. After 8 visits (or 40 points), you’re offered 25% off a full service bath or groom.

My dog is completely matted. What can you offer and how much to you expect me to pay?

This depends on how tight the matting is. If it’s covering most of your dog’s body but isn’t pelted to the skin, we charge $1/min. I would expect an additional $10-20. If we do need to use a blade to essentially pry the fur off your dog’s skin, we charge $90-120 an hour depending on size and breed. I would expect a small-medium dog to be charged $90-150.

Why is it so expensive to shave my pelted dog when you’re simply shaving instead of brushing it out?

For us to safely remove this type of matting, we need to get a blade underneath the matting. Sometimes this requires us to use something close to a surgical blade. In these cases, we need to be extra careful not to cut or injure your dog during this process, and our groomers are trained to safely remove matting in this manner. During this process we also have the potential to discover sores or bruising underneath. Your groomer will let you know if we find either.

I couldn’t get in with my normal groomer and tried another one to get in sooner. Why did the grooming take longer than normal?

When you have a regular groomer, that groomer learns how to groom your dog more efficiently the more grooms they have together. While this isn’t always the case, staying on a schedule with a groomer and booking out your next appointment is highly recommended.

I have two dogs of the same breed. Why are they two different prices?

Prices have been switched to hourly to account for different coat types, sizes and behaviors. If you have one dog who has a thicker coat than the other, or one dog who has a harder time with the grooming process, the time can change, thus the price being more.

Why is my dog more expensive if there’s matting, and why do you charge additional for matting if prices are already hourly?

The hourly price is for dogs who are in good shape. We do charge additional if dogs have matting (this groom is no longer straightforward, even if we are shaving them off), and any behavioral issues.

Can I save money by declining part of the service?

Besides any add-ons we have, all our services are all inclusive and we don’t skip a service for a discount.

Why am I being charged a special handling fee?

Unfortunately, some dogs struggle harder than others during the grooming service. If a second person is required to assist for more than just a small portion of the groom, or if we must use a lot of caution while grooming, we do charge a special handling fee.

I have a giant breed. Will I be able to continue to book online?

As of September 4, we will no longer be accepting online booking for giant breeds. Please call us at 572-4028 (Standish) or 655-6226 (Raymond) to schedule an appointment.

Are longer length haircuts more expensive?

This question can vary from dog to dog, but in general once we get longer than 1/2”-3/4”, the haircut can take longer to blow dry and groom resulting in a more expensive haircut. If you are interested in keeping your dog's fur this long, we recommend grooming every 4-8 weeks (the longer the fur the shorter the time in between) to prevent matting and to keep the coat in good shape.

Is there anything I can do to decrease the grooming cost?

A lot of our clients who are concerned about cost have their pups on a schedule where they shave them down every 2-3 months (this depends on the breed and what’s recommended by your groomer. Please remember once matting starts to occur we do charge additional). You can also ask your groomer for suggestions based on you and your pet's personal needs.

Why was my dog shaved when I requested a longer haircut?

One of the only times we will shave a dog when a longer haircut is requested is due to matting. We will only dematt about 10-15 minutes’ worth and anything longer than that we will need to shave. De-matting is uncomfortable for your dog, and we can’t brush out tight matting generally. Blades we use need to fit in between the matting and the skin, so the tighter the matting the shorter the haircut would need to be.

I am ok with the price online, but not if the groom takes longer and costs more. Will you only work on my dog for that amount of time?

Unfortunately, we will not purposely stop the grooming at a certain point for financial reasons. We are a full-service salon, and our goal is to provide a straight through, complete service for you and your pup. The only time we will stop a groom at a certain point is if it’s necessary for your dog’s or for our safety.

What is a good schedule for a puppy and when should I start grooming?

We like to see puppies as soon as they have their first round of shots. We do recommend waiting a few weeks at least after bringing them home, and usually around 3-4 months is the perfect time to start monthly mini groom appointments. The first handful of appointments are focusing on getting your pup used to the grooming process. We will not do a full groom on a young puppy for their first time, so please keep that in mind when booking!

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